Who is Zero Rare?

Hi, my name is Levi Moore. I’m a passionate indie game developer from Denmark. Zero Rare is the name of my one-man company I use to release my games with. Most interactions with the community are going to be with my own Twitter @LeviMooreDev

Project Planner

When working on a game, it can be challenging keeping track of what needs to be done and when. Project Planner solves this problem by helping you organize your work into boards, groups, and tasks all inside Unity. By doing project management inside of Unity you can also take advantage of unique features like assigning assets to tasks. You can buy Project Planner on the Asset Store.

Space Outlaw

I have made a couple of free Android games that you can find here. My latest game is called Space Outlaw. You play as a space outlaw that has just stolen a military ship and now has to get away, however, there are plenty of obstacles trying to kill you, so that is way easier said than done.

VR Bending

I am working on a VR game called “VR Bending”. In VR Bending you take control of elements like earth, water, and fire by performing moves with your hands. Imagine Avatar: The Last Airbender in VR.

You can follow the progress of the game on Youtube and Discord.